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Character Information
Name: Zhazz The Sniper
Vocation: Paladin
Level: 36
Sex: Male
Residence: Thais
Guild Soldier of Mercenaries
House Main Street 9, 1st floor (Shop), Thais
Last Login March 12 2023 (15:08)
Status offline
Comment: For every secret left unveiled, for every power learned. I\'d sell the remnants of my soul, regardless how it burned. And still I sought a higher wisdom, few could have attained. Though I found it, it would leave me - broken, damned and drained.
Created: January 06 2023 (21:32)
Account Status: Free Account
February 18 2023 (23:38) Killed at level 32 by a beholder. (soloed)
January 26 2023 (12:38) Killed at level 14 by a rotworm. (soloed)
January 19 2023 (21:12) Killed at level 8 by a dwarf soldier. (soloed)

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