Fellowship of Nostalther

Welcome to the Fellowship! We are a neutral, role-playing, and English speaking guild seeking a better tomorrow for Nostalther.

Guild Members
Position Name Level Vocation Status
EruKnight Of Dragoon (Ser Jorah)53Elite Knightoffline
Hertzie48Elite Knightoffline
Kasper Tuck56Elite Knightoffline
Rad Zee34Royal Paladinoffline
Tinky Winky28Master Sorcereroffline
Tootinturtle48Elite Knightoffline
Wizerna43Master Sorcereroffline
Children of IluvatarDruid Of Dragoon20Elder Druidoffline
Runeador20Elder Druidoffline
Smokealot26Elite Knightoffline
Thailand Money27Sorcereroffline
Vlad28Elder Druidoffline