Genesis, a guild of noble and peaceful demeanor, devoted to the path of self-improvement and the betterment of all. Our banner flies not in the name of war or conquest, but rather in the name of camaraderie and cooperation. (Neutral)

Guild Members
Position Name Level Vocation Status
the LeaderJoda45Elder Druidoffline
a Vice-LeaderPeacemaker (Psycho)38Knightoffline
a MemberCritstain22Elite Knightoffline
Emiel Regis (MoonlightShadow)27Elder Druid ONLINE
Flechita (Pewpew lasergun)34Royal Paladinoffline
Gubbgubb33Elite Knightoffline
Heal Kitten (Ara Ara)27Elder Druid ONLINE
Patroclo (Subarashi)35Elite Knightoffline
Quri Pally22Paladinoffline
Thidz32Elder Druidoffline
Guild Invites