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Currently 127 players are online.

Outfit Name Flag Guild Level Vocation
img Ad Ek 12 Knight
img Alfie Solomons 23 Paladin
img Amazoniax 13 Sorcerer
img Ambrosia 11 Sorcerer
img Aruar Mercenaries 27 Elite Knight
img Asmoddie 15 Sorcerer
img Astermaji 13 Druid
img Atmos 8 Knight
img Auglan 21 Sorcerer
img Avance 31 Master Sorcerer
img Badman Mercenaries 22 Master Sorcerer
img Ben Dover Mercenaries 23 Elder Druid
img Beopp 11 Sorcerer
img Blue Sky 26 Master Sorcerer
img Bshep 15 Sorcerer
img Cac 12 Paladin
img Carl Johnson 14 Sorcerer
img Chiu 22 Master Sorcerer
img Danuta Herer 18 Druid
img Dark Klas 26 Master Sorcerer
img Dark Moster The Fenix 61 Royal Paladin
img De Arrascaeta Henceforth Family 20 Druid
img Dootke 12 Sorcerer
img Dyrt 9 Knight
img Egnet Cykel 20 Sorcerer
img Elder Kind 26 Paladin
img Elomanker 8 Druid
img Elvatros 25 Elder Druid
img Emil 25 Master Sorcerer
img Esheoun 16 Sorcerer
img Estmgiator 12 Sorcerer
img Extrd Luz 27 Elder Druid
img Femostrious 13 Sorcerer
img Focus 20 Master Sorcerer
img Fompelin 8 Sorcerer
img Future Trunks Mercenaries 29 Royal Paladin
img Gangrelhid 13 Paladin
img Gigax 37 Royal Paladin
img Globemaster La Guaira Sport Gym 69 Elite Knight
img GM Panther 2 No vocation
img Golodupiec 28 Elder Druid
img Goshtly Woret Magsk Peaky Blinders 19 Sorcerer
img Hdsz 32 Knight
img Henessy 6 No vocation
img Hexa Vem Firme 14 Knight
img Holaqtal 25 Elder Druid
img Imperator Paralysis 57 Royal Paladin
img Itopia 11 Sorcerer
img Jamerop 15 Sorcerer
img James Blad 10 Sorcerer
img Kaki 12 Paladin
img King Leonidas 8 Knight
img Kylo Ren 29 Master Sorcerer
img Lady Runinha 18 Elder Druid
img Lakeyes 29 Knight
img Laox 20 Knight
img Lapomanteli 13 Sorcerer
img Laura Ravioli 54 Master Sorcerer
img Lord Rapozzi Novus Ordo Seclorum 23 Paladin
img Lucky Socks Mercenaries 32 Master Sorcerer
img Mackonney 14 Sorcerer
img Magic Boss 17 Druid
img Magicianien 19 Elder Druid
img Makii Ultraviolet 47 Elite Knight
img Manapaxo 12 Sorcerer
img Massin Druid 18 Druid
img Master Yoda La Guaira Sport Gym 66 Master Sorcerer
img Matheous 8 Sorcerer
img Mc Dany 15 Sorcerer
img Meserszmit 36 Paladin
img Mizer 12 Sorcerer
img Modelon 13 Sorcerer
img Moofin Rookgaard Scouts Club 32 No vocation
img Muffin Mercenaries 24 Royal Paladin
img Naponovy 12 Sorcerer
img Neandertalczyk 20 Elder Druid
img Nopalamos 12 Sorcerer
img Omar The Killer 12 Sorcerer
img Paladina Monark 20 Paladin
img Palomalo 8 Druid
img Pirat Drogowy Paralysis 104 Elder Druid
img Pouca Sombra Gurus do Ecommerce 29 Royal Paladin
img Punhal Antigo 12 Sorcerer
img Punx 55 Elite Knight
img Qorek 3 No vocation
img Qplosim 8 Sorcerer
img Quattroman 12 Sorcerer
img Quezif 8 Druid
img Qwfvh 7 No vocation
img Realmoin 12 Sorcerer
img Redline Rising Tide 46 Elite Knight
img Rogal 10 Knight
img Runa Lexx Gurus do Ecommerce 21 Master Sorcerer
img Scubbas 11 Sorcerer
img Sdk 6 No vocation
img Serial Killer 12 Knight
img Skullhunter 36 Knight
img Slabiutko Delay 64 Master Sorcerer
img Smvggler 24 Master Sorcerer
img Spanks 18 Sorcerer
img Spy Trimera Canabinoides Group 36 Paladin
img Sudden Death 41 Knight
img Sumitestian 11 Sorcerer
img Tazar 24 Elder Druid
img Thaddeus Maddyeus Venom 43 Elite Knight
img Thailand Money Novus Ordo Seclorum 29 Master Sorcerer
img Tjt 27 Master Sorcerer
img Tops Rising Tide 50 Elite Knight
img Troner PLVS VLTRA 75 Royal Paladin
img Tsygankov 11 Sorcerer
img Twin Blade 11 Druid
img Uegrafecul Mastah 14 Sorcerer
img Uham Sie 19 Elder Druid
img Uxaza 16 Sorcerer
img Vantheral 15 Knight
img Ventruoz Delay 65 Elite Knight
img Vermithor 45 Royal Paladin
img Viktor 7 Druid
img Vuos 40 Sorcerer
img Welkin 11 Druid
img Wild Warrior Paralysis 96 Elite Knight
img Wochman 13 Sorcerer
img Xalom 12 Sorcerer
img Xandinho 25 Knight
img Zamster 8 Knight
img Zapxinha 11 Sorcerer
img Ze Da Verdura 30 Knight
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