List of players with the longest online times.

Name Today 1 Day ago 2 Days ago 3 Days ago 4 Days ago 5 Days ago 6 Days ago 7 Days ago Past 7 days
Afavor Doscorres
65 Master Sorcerer
14h 35m 52s19h 22m 55s11h 48m 29s11h 34m 54s9h 47m 36s20h 23m 26s23h 10m 38s20h 31m5d 11h 14m 50s
Smoczy Pierd
50 Master Sorcerer
17h 13m 18s19h 27m 10s13h 43m 34s16h 44m 9s13h 49m 36s14h 43m 27s16h 57m 40s17h 30m 58s5d 10h 9m 52s
23 Elder Druid
10h 28m 52s14h 29m 27s18h 58m 29s12h 53m 42s15h 13m 16s18h 15m 23s13h 49m 27s15h 26m 49s4d 23h 35m 25s
36 Elite Knight
10h 23m 31s18h 39m 51s13h 3m 47s11h 27m 40s16h 59m 13s16h 36m 13s11h 39m 6s19h 49m 43s4d 22h 39m 4s
Dop Draky
50 Master Sorcerer
12h 16m 33s13h 26m 9s15h 4m 5s11h 12m 43s16h 50m 18s15h 20m 48s19h 51m 30s13h 24m 41s4d 21h 26m 47s
19 Master Sorcerer
8h 13m 50s16h 37m 5s18h 46m 39s13h12h 34m 47s15h 33m11h 37m 1s16h 25m 57s4d 16h 48m 19s
35 Knight
15h 57m 37s18h 33m 1s17h 42m 36s8h 10m 19s16h 27m 5s9h 3m 28s8h 26m 20s14h 24m 18s4d 12h 44m 44s
61 Master Sorcerer
10h 23m 50s14h 4m 22s13h 58m 59s15h 43m 21s16h 9m 37s15h 41m 7s8h 51m 41s13h 33m 27s4d 12h 26m 24s
87 Elite Knight
16h 12m 16s8h 31m 55s19m 52s8h 27m 13s16h 13m 54s19h 35m 41s21h 27m 22s16h 34m 44s4d 11h 22m 57s
29 Master Sorcerer
11h 44m 25s11h 52m 48s15h 14m 55s9h 36m 6s13h 59m 23s12h 2m 46s14h 53m 46s15h 46m 5s4d 9h 10m 14s
22 Master Sorcerer
3h 33m 12s12h 4m 37s16h 45s14h 19m 11s14h 34m 46s9h 9m 23s18h 39m 5s15h 3m 32s4d 7h 24m 31s
Punch Stone
17 Knight
16h 32m 54s14h 35m 10s10h 58m 27s17h 13m 9s13h 38m 41s10h 13m 31s16h 25m 48s4d 3h 37m 40s
30 Master Sorcerer
13h 24m 16s7h 59m 54s13h 51m 5s10h 24m 29s13h 3m 7s12h 54m 33s11h 17m 49s14h 44m 58s4d 1h 40m 11s
Onlylove Canhurtlike
14 Master Sorcerer
9h 40m 22s13h 4m 29s13h 56m 17s11h 59m 46s12h 7m 43s10h 27m 27s10h 23m 16s15h 16m 43s4d 56m 3s
Monkey Ddragon
19 Master Sorcerer
8h 53m 21s11h 30m 55s12h 26m 21s12h 21m 42s14h 6m 23s7h 40m 50s12h 41m 8s16h 26m 49s4d 7m 29s
48 Master Sorcerer
11h 38m 55s10h 48m 18s9h 42m11h 43m 58s15h 7m 43s13h 32m 6s9h 26m 40s13h 48m 11s3d 23h 47m 51s
64 Elite Knight
9h 6m 46s11h 24m 20s11h 2m 10s12h 44m 25s15h 23m 49s14h 22m 2s10h 14m 54s11h 1m 1s3d 23h 19m 27s
Anti Fascista
101 Elite Knight
11h 6m 45s14h 54m 10s14h 8m15h 5m 35s9h 39m 34s10h 28m 51s7h 43m 30s12h 10m 56s3d 23h 17m 21s
Desert Hunter
19 Master Sorcerer
7h 4m 37s15h 18m 37s14h 37m 24s12h 28m 40s15h 3m 21s10h 11m 9s14h 24m 58s5h 46m 21s3d 22h 55m 7s
32 Master Sorcerer
7h 28m 55s11h 39m 43s16h 57m 55s11h 2m 55s13h 29m 5s7h 14m 3s12h 33m 40s14h 5m 26s3d 22h 31m 42s
20 Sorcerer
36m5h 16m 11s10h 41m 42s15h 56m 11s17h 6m 58s14h 4m 15s15h 17m 43s14h 24m 56s3d 21h 23m 56s
19 Master Sorcerer
9h 39m 19s6h 52m 47s13h 30m 51s15h 33m 40s10h 59m 9s12h 8m 15s15h 30m 16s8h 35m 14s3d 20h 49m 31s
20 Master Sorcerer
7h 36m 12s13h 14m 41s14h 10m 50s15h 59m 18s16h 5m 49s10h 42m 37s6h 33m 20s6h 24m 51s3d 18h 47m 38s
Paco Pro
50 Elder Druid
11h 55m 50s11h 16m 51s8h 19m 41s15h 59m 16s14h 3m 56s13h 27m 48s15h 27m 51s3d 18h 31m 13s
Black Torment
81 Elite Knight
1h 7m 52s17h 31m 24s9h 39m 37s8h 21m 37s17h 24m 56s9h 59m 33s14h 31m 55s11h 26m 43s3d 18h 3m 37s
43 Master Sorcerer
12h 42m 58s13h 21m 51s10h 28m 11s15h 56m 13s17h 46m 49s8h 16m 21s10h 54m 15s3d 17h 26m 38s
17 Master Sorcerer
3h 19m 19s10h 50m 50s13h 13m 35s9h 41m 44s14h 27m4h 34m 44s17h 1m 43s15h 24m 33s3d 16h 33m 28s
Escuridao Of Daru
64 Master Sorcerer
4h 31m 29s14h 22m 22s12h 28m 52s3h 25m 41s11h 51m 1s11h 29m 9s13h 16m 41s14h 17m 37s3d 13h 42m 52s
Mateusz Dragonwielki
44 Elder Druid
11h 19m 45s7h 53m 42s14h 5m 36s13h 12m 42s5m 38s10h 46m 33s10h 45m 44s17h 29m 21s3d 13h 39m 1s
40 Master Sorcerer
8h 32m 8s14h 46m 35s10h 10m 44s10h 10m 10s11h 24m 23s11h 30m 48s8h 49m 3s9h 14m 55s3d 12h 38m 46s
62 Elite Knight
11h 59m 9s14h 2m 28s9h 14m 50s1h 45m 50s14h 35m 54s11h 6m 44s13h 30m 18s7h 52m 52s3d 12h 8m 5s
25 Elder Druid
14h 49m 40s11h 42m 57s14h 54m 6s8h 22m 26s7h 14m 42s11h 32m 7s9h 3m 25s5h 49m 55s3d 11h 29m 18s
17 Master Sorcerer
8h 56m 39s7h 47m 8s14h 28m 19s9h 41m 21s9h 21m 55s10h 47m 46s6h 30m 3s13h 50m 16s3d 9h 23m 27s
Blanca Nieves
32 Master Sorcerer
16h 25m 40s14h 44m 5s10h 29m 31s21h 35m 53s12h 24m 34s21m 2s5h 7m 27s3d 9h 8m 12s
Old Widow
26 Master Sorcerer
11h 20m 41s11h 27m 52s13h 5m 15s4h 32m 23s2h 9m 30s15h 28m 54s10h 51m 37s11h 55m 17s3d 8h 51m 29s
19 Master Sorcerer
5h 39m 2s13h 10m 22s6h 56m 38s10h 6m 24s13h 59m 12s12h 11m 53s11h 1m7h 46m 34s3d 8h 51m 5s
Old Napoleao
73 Elite Knight
4h 11m 22s12h 49m 16s10h 55m 57s3h 30m 28s14h 20m 32s12h 44m 53s13h 21m 34s8h 29m 33s3d 8h 23m 35s
20 Master Sorcerer
7h 9m 59s7h 51m 20s11h 44m 41s11h 50m 11s5h 42m 25s10h 55m 48s14h 8m 3s10h 8m 24s3d 7h 30m 51s
22 No vocation
8h 52m 45s11h 56m 28s8h 51m 44s12h 16m 36s11h 56m 7s12h 23m 24s3h 14m 10s9h 47m 18s3d 7h 18m 32s
15 Elder Druid
5h 31m 17s13h 50m 27s14h 5m 45s11h 1m 15s7h 22s8h 7m 45s8h 22m 8s10h 9m 9s3d 6h 8m 8s
106 Elite Knight
10h 36m 41s13h 59m 25s8h 2m 14s14h 50m 22s13h 7m 29s15h 14m 56s3d 3h 51m 7s
21 Master Sorcerer
5h 52m 24s15h 10m 25s18h 40m 59s3h 20m 21s9h 7m 42s8h 36m 5s7h 8m 48s7h 43m 29s3d 3h 40m 13s
Druid Rox
28 Elder Druid
8h 23m 20s11h 9m 41s9h 29m 40s5h 21m 30s13h 17m 2s9h 34m 13s9h 56m 55s8h 8m 29s3d 3h 20m 50s
16 Elder Druid
6h 44m 39s9h 34m 50s14h 57m 21s10h 5m 10s12h 30m 5s11h 21m 51s10h 1m 51s3d 3h 15m 47s
Fire On Ice
68 Knight
13h 18m 46s9h 24m 37s14h 51m 11s12h 6m 40s8h 1m 13s5h 26m 9s11h 40m 11s3d 2h 48m 47s
26 Knight
7h 27m 20s9h 6m 18s8h 32m 45s3h 42m 58s12h 11m 58s10h 18m 26s11h 46m 30s11h 23m 21s3d 2h 29m 36s
Cacherito Ots
22 Master Sorcerer
16m 36s3h 28m 31s7h 50m 50s10h 44m 21s14h 1m 53s14h 45m 7s11h 25m 6s10h 43m 44s3d 1h 16m 8s
Dieguito Lotus
23 Master Sorcerer
6h 54m 34s14h 44m 50s11h 36m 10s7h 47m 20s4h 28m 6s9h 52m 25s5h 20m 20s12h 27m 27s3d 1h 11m 12s
27 Elder Druid
4h 55m 45s12h 23m 31s5h 45m 45s7h 57m 49s8h 28m 55s11h 43m 13s10h 33m 30s11h 16m 26s3d 1h 4m 54s
36 Elder Druid
4h 31m 55s10h 8m 15s12h 55m 15s6h 41m 48s11h 36m 49s12h 25m 1s7h 4m 21s7h 37m 51s3d 1h 1m 15s