Features of Nostalther.

Server Rates
Experience Skills Magic Loot Gold Respawn
1x 1x 1x 1x 1x 2x*

Nostalther aims not only for that nostalgic feel but also longevity. We want achievements to be earned and truly feel rewarding but take into consideration that many of us have busy lives and are not able to commit the same amount of time we once did back in the day. Accordingly, the server rates are kept low.

*Speed rates are the original respawn times from the world, but also uses the older spawn stile where 1 monster in each spawn point spawns at a time. For this reasion, a full respawn takes longer and for this reasion the respawn time is boosted slightly. The respawn timer also increases slightly for each person online over 200.

Old School Features
Quick item drag
Sudden Death and Magic Missile damage all players in stack
UH Trap
Monster Overspawn
NPCs only sell blank runes
Learning spells based off magic level
Shield items display attack attribute
No Wands/Rods

Nostalther aims to recreate that original retro feel, but also includes a number of customisations to make things a little more interesting. You can view more about these changes over here in the library section.

Skull System and Protection
Protection Zone Lock Duration 60 Seconds
White Skull Duration 15 Minutes
Unjustified Kills for Red Skull 3 Daily - 5 Weekly - 10 Monthly
Unjustified Kills for Red Skull Ban 6 Daily - 10 Weekly - 20 Monthly
Red Skull Duration 30 Days
Red Skull Ban Duration 30 Days

The Skull System is a system that was made to make sure that Player Killing doesn't get out of control.

Up to 2 Unjustified Kill is counted per player death. The Unjustified Kill will go to the player that dealt the killing blow. If a player did not deal the killing blow, the player that dealt the most damage will get credit for the kill instead. If 2 or more players dealt damage to a player before they die, the player dealing the killing blow and the player who dealt the most damage will receive an unjustified kill.

House Rent Period Monthly
House Price per Square Meter 50 gold peices
Premium Required to Buy Houses Yes
Level Required to Buy House 8

Houses are private buildings that can be rented by players. They are mostly found in the cities, but rentable buildings can be found anywhere in Tibia. Houses come in three forms: there are normal houses that are designed as resting places for single characters or perhaps for small groups of friends, shops in which players can build up a prospering business and even guildhalls in which whole guilds can find shelter!.

Houses can be purcahsed on the houses page of the website via auction. You can leave or trade your house by visiting the houses page for that house if you are the owner.

If ownership of a house is lost due to failing to pay rent, leaving the house or trading the house, the house contents will be sent to the depot of the town the house belongs to.

Realism and Nostalgia

Monster Overspawn

Monsters lured away from their home position, will not be removed and instead spawn again.

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Action Cooldowns and Exhaust

The action system is that of the original 7.4 system.

While using mana fluids your spells will be exhausted for 1 second. Using healing runes will not cause exhaust for spell casting.

No exhaust when using items and then moving items.

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Monsters AI and Loot

Monsters will spawn with thier loot. This warlock is able to block (sparks) damage from floor trap, we know for sure he is wearing a Golden Armor!

Intelligent monster pathfinding. Ranged monsters will even step back towards their target instead of keeping distance.

Monsters and summons will turn towards their target each action interval, even if their target is unreachable.

Monsters only switch targets upon completing their actions, so fast floor switching does not give them enough time to reset their target and attack and cast spells every time you switch floors.

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Monster Actions and Exhaust

Ranged monsters execute actions every 1 seconds at a distance, as well as take an extra attack while stepping. Because of this, they are more likely to combo/spam attacks while running towards/away from you!

If monsters are in melee range, they will revert to casting spells every 2 seconds.

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Classic Spell Casting

Spell casting works using their original syllabels!

Quotation marks are also not required if there is only 1 parameter.

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Summons Intelligence

Summons pathfinding is more accurate. Summons will stand 1 tile diagonally or 2 tiles in a direct line.

Summons will move out of the way when walking into them, instead of walking in the same direction as you are.

Monsters summons will continue to attack, even if their master has no way to reach you, instead of the summon giving up the attack.

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Classic Respawn

Monsters respawn on their home position, additional monsters spawn in a "formation" running anti-clockwise from their home position.

Monster spawns have a single respawn timer, spawning 1 monster per interval, instead of each monster having it's own timer.

Monster respawn time is not paused when blocked. If the respawn timer has elapsed, it will respawn the instant the screen is not being "blocked" by a player.

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