Information about custom changes in Nostalther.

Quest Reward Changes

With difficulty and longevity in mind, many quests that reward equipment and weapon updates have been reworked. This is to not only encourage community involvement in player trading and preservation of economy, but also to make finally acquiring these feel much more rewarding.

Further to the below quest reward changes. Several Gate of Expertise have been removed to open certain areas up to hunting at earlier levels.

  • Deeper Fibula no longer requires level 50 to enter.
  • The Black Knight's Villa no longer requires level 50 to enter.
  • The Maze of Lost Souls no longer requires level 30 to enter.
  • Demona no longer requires level 60 to enter.
  • The Dragon Lord pit in Edron Dragon cave no longer requires level 60 to enter.

The quests below have been replaced with alternate rewards. These rewards are generally in the form of currency, supplies or unique outfits.

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Quest Level Required Original Reward Reaplced
Demona 30 Dwarven Axe (Can be looted from Dwarf Guards) and Griffin Shield
Circle Room Quest 32 Dwarven Axe (Can be looted from Dwarf Guards) and Warhammer
Crusader Helmet Quest 35 Crusader Helmet
Orc Fortress Quest 40 Knight Axe, Knight Armor and Fire Sword (Can be looted from Dragons)
Thais Dragon Lair 40 Naginata (Can be looted from Assassins)
Bright Sword Quest 45 Bright Sword (Can be looted from Heros)
Deeper Fibula Quest 50 Knight Axe, Warrior Helmet and Tower Shield
Black Knight Quest 50 Crown Armor and Crown Shield
Edron Dragon Lair 60 Fire Axe
Drefia Quest 60 Blue Robe, Skull Staff and Medusa Shield
Banshee Quest 60 Tower Shield, Giant Sword and Boots of Haste
Behemoth Quest 60 Guardian Halberd (Can be looted from Behemoths), Platinum Amulet, Demon Shield and Golden Armor
Edron Hero Cave 70 Dragon Lance (Can be looted from Dragon Lords) and Vampire Shield
Demon Helmet Quest 100 Demon Helmet (Can be looted from Demons), Demon Shield and Steel Boots

Altered Items

To give some use to some of the seldom used items, some items may have had their properties or purposes modified.

Item Original Purpose New Purpose
Demon Armor Armor 16 Armor 16, 2% Fire resistance
Demon Legs Armor 9 Armor 9, 3% Fire resistance
Winged Helmet Armor 10 Armor 10, 40 Speed
Cape 1 Armor, Body slot 1 Armor, Neck slot
Throwing Star 25 Attack, Price 50 gold pieces 35 Attack, Price 5 gold pieces

The World

The world in Nostalther is based on the original 7.7 map with areas downgraded to 7.4 using various cams and screenshots in order to recreate the world as it was, but also keeping some newer content.

Areas such as Port Hope and The Dark Cathedral have been kept in the world. Some areas have beenn further retrograded to how they looked in 7.4 such as the Edron mountain passage and Carlin bank, some areas even further to even earlier, such as the Dwarven Bridge and Mintwallin Demons.

There is also a number of custom areas, some downgraded areas from the real map, some completely original out there to discover.

Quick Travel - "Please Bring Me To"

The phrase "Please bring me to" can be used with all ship captains, magic carpet captains and steamship captains (Excluding the boat to/from Isle of Kings and the Nodic Ferries and Eremo) to quickly travel to your destination.

The travel cost will be 3 times more expensive and is only able to be used if the NPC is busy.

Example: "Please bring me to Thais"