Information about character regeneration in game.

Vocation Health Regen Mana Regen Health Gain Mana Gain Capacity Gain
No Vocation 1/12 sec 1/12 sec 5 5 10
Sorcerer 1/12 sec 1/6 sec 5 30 10
Druid 1/12 sec 1/6 sec 5 30 10
Paladin 1/8 sec 1/8 sec 10 15 20
Knight 1/6 sec 1/12 sec 15 5 25
Master Sorcerer 1/12 sec 1/4 sec 5 30 10
Elder Druid 1/12 sec 1/4 sec 5 30 10
Royal Paladin 1/6 sec 1/6 sec 10 15 20
Elite Knight 1/4 sec 1/12 sec 15 5 25

All vocations regenerate mana and hitpoints at different rates. Knights regenerate Hitpoints the fastest, while Druids and Sorcerers regenerate Mana the fastest. The kind of food eaten does not affect the regeneration rate.

If a player has purchased a promotion, then they will regenerate Mana and/or Hitpoints faster.

While sleeping in a bed, all vocations will regenerate 1 Hitpoint and Mana every 60 seconds, as long as they have eaten food before going to sleep. Promotion does not affect offline regeneration.

Item Health Regen Mana Regen Duration Total Health Regen Total Mana Regen
Life Ring 1/3 sec 1/3 sec 20 minutes 400 400
Ring of Healing 1/1 sec 1/1 sec 7.5 minutes 450 450
Life Fluid 25-50 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Mana Fluid N/A 25-75 N/A N/A N/A

Eating food is not the only way to regenerate Hitpoints and Mana. There are some special items that can be used.

Certain equipment can be purcahsed from NPCs, found in quests or looted from certain monsters.

Item Duration
Dragon ham720 seconds
Fire mushroom432 seconds
Ham360 seconds
Orange mushroom360 seconds
Brown mushroom264 seconds
Gingerbread man240 seconds
Melon240 seconds
Coconut216 seconds
Northern pike204 seconds
Pumpkin204 seconds
Meat180 seconds
Orange156 seconds
Fish144 seconds
Some mushrooms144 seconds
Bread120 seconds
Salmon120 seconds
Cheese108 seconds
Corncob108 seconds
Grapes108 seconds
White mushroom108 seconds
Wood mushroom108 seconds
Banana96 seconds
Brown bread96 seconds
Carrot96 seconds
Carrot of doom96 seconds
Apple72 seconds
Dark mushroom72 seconds
Egg72 seconds
Tomato72 seconds
Green mushroom60 seconds
Pear60 seconds
Red mushroom48 seconds
Shrimp48 seconds
Roll36 seconds
Some mushrooms36 seconds
Candy cane24 seconds
Cookie24 seconds
Strawberry24 seconds
Blueberry12 seconds
Cherry12 seconds

All food regenerates mana and hitpoints for some length of time depending on the food. The longest you can regenerate for without consuming more Food is 1200 seconds (20 minutes) while players with a premium account can eat enough to regenereatee for 40 minutes.

Food regeneration lasts 5x longer while you are sleeping in a bed. This is a maximum of 100 minutes for free account players, or 200 minutes for premium account players.

If you attempt to eat food which would put you over that duration you will get a message saying you are full.