Features of Premium Accounts.

Why Buy Premium Accounts?

Nostalther is free, and players are welcome to play free of charge for as long as they like. However, if you enjoy Nostalther, you may consider buying a Premium Account to take Nostalther even further. As a premium player you will have additional abilities and advantages inside and outside the game. Buy a Premium Account to make Nostalther even more fun!

The following benefits are available to premium players:

  • Eat twice as much

    Are you a fan of food? Premium players can eat twice as much and stay fed longer.

  • Extra Bright

    No one likes the dark. As a Premium player, light sources from spells will be brighter and last longer!

  • Instant travelling

    No matter where you are heading, travel via the premium transport systems will get you there in a jiffy! Travel by boat, magic carpet or steamship. Travelling has never been easier!
    Free account players are able to travel to Edron via magic carpet, but are not able to access Darama.

  • Access to Premium Areas

    As a premium player you can travel to the mysterious islands of Edron and Darama that are looming large to the east of the main continent. Explore huge new areas and dungeons you have never seen before. Visit new cities! Do new quests! Battle new monsters! And on top of it all. You will find that as a premium player there is simply more to see and more to do.

  • Improved Login

    Of course, when the rush is on premium players have an advantage when it comes to logging in. As a premium player you will be able to log in even if the regular player limit has already been reached. Play Nostalther whenever you like!

  • Cool New Spells

    The mighty wizards from the magic guild of Edron have developed new spells. Cast haste on your character and run away from your enemies! Fry your opponents with the mighty Ultimate Explosion! From useful everyday spells to powerful offensive magic, premium players simply have more spells to cast!
    Force Strike, Flame Strike, Energy Strike, Haste and Heal Friend have also been made available to free account players.

  • Character Promotions

    Premium characters of level 20 or higher can be promoted to a veteran rank which results in several important advantages over regular characters. To name but a few, promoted characters regenerate mana and hit points faster than regular players, and they lose fewer experience points and skills upon death. Bring out the best in your characters and promote them today!

  • Renting Houses

    Premium players are allowed to rent houses or flats in which your characters can recover from the hardships of an adventurer's life. Furnish your new home with all kinds of furniture and impress your fellow adventurers with your stately home! Invite your friends and have parties! You will find that having a home of your own is a rewarding experience you would not want to miss once you have had it!

  • Guild Leadership

    Why serve in heaven when you can rule in hell? As a premium player you can found a guild of your own. Choose your own cool name and logo, recruit followers and rent a nice guildhall! As a premium player you will be able to build up the guild of your dreams. Make a name for yourself as the leader of a powerful guild!

  • Improved Chat Options

    Premium players are allowed to open up private chat channels to which they can invite their friends. Also, if you are a premium player, your VIP list will be greatly enlarged in size. With up to 100 players on your list you will always know when your friends and foes are online!

  • Larger Depots

    As a premium player you can store even more items in your depots. The extended limit is 2000 items per depot.

  • Exclusive Outfits

    Dress up and wear one of the popular outfits that are exclusivly available to Premium players.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list. Other benefits are sure to follow, but it is also possible that existing ones are changed or even removed in future. Buy a Premium Account today and enjoy the full Tibia experience!

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