A record of all updates and changes.

Oct 01 22Updated sale price of naginata to H.L.
Oct 01 22Added naginata to Assassin's loot table (Similar weapon loot to Wild Warrior's war hammeer)
Oct 01 22Small client update adding some new items/sprites. Updates should download automatically on launch. If you don't see an update prompt when opening the client, please redownload the latest client.
Oct 01 22- Fixed missing key from Draconia
Oct 01 22- Some mapping fixes around Draconia
Oct 01 22- Lowered Black Knight respawn time slightly.
Sep 22 22Server optimizations and fix for a rare race condition that would rarely cause server to crash.
Sep 22 22Fixed not being able to rope items up from the pitfall and holes that are found around port hope.
Sep 22 22Fixed issue with quest/level doors not pushing items out of the way correctly if blocked
Sep 22 22Made optimisations for OTC. Should now be able to use items while running
Sep 22 22Fixed player outfits resetting to default outfit when they still had premium and/or were not using a pacc outfit.
Sep 22 22Updated tile item limits - Tile item limits are 1000 items per tile and 100 items per house tile.
Sep 18 22Permanently banned accounts can now be found under the Statistics section
Sep 17 22Fixed not being able to rope items up jungle "earth hole" (The pitfalls in port hope area)
Sep 17 22Fixed poison field damage again (A recent update had stopped them from working, this has been corrected)
Sep 17 22Traps to no longer deal damage to players (This was a 7.2 feature that was added, but has been removed, traps will work the same with monsters)
Sep 17 22Fixed not being able to see House information when looking at doors if there was an item left in the doorway.
Sep 17 22Fixed the Pacc light spells bonus
Sep 17 22Fixed some walkable water tiles under the small boats and logs in port hope having a weird animation when using classic client due to the walk speed being incorrect. (graphical issuee only)
Sep 15 22Fixed Players with Yellow Skull not losing their yellow skull when the original white/red skull player they attacked loses their skull if another player or monster was keeping them pz locked.
Sep 15 22Monster AI Fix. Large monsters (ones that can push) will now retarget when being body blocked.
Sep 15 22Added Fire Sword to Dragon loot table.
Sep 15 22Fixed a pick hole in banshee quest not closing automatically when stepping on a certain tile location.
Sep 15 22Fixed fishing rods not putting caught fish in the correct location if the player was low on cap.
Sep 15 22Fixed poison fields and monsters that would willingly walk over them.
Mar 30 22Updating site design