A record of all updates and changes.

Feb 14 23Added sculpting ice cubes, marble rock and clay lump. new items added to monster loot.
Feb 14 23Fixed breakable stones requiring shovel instead of a pick
Feb 14 23Fixed some shop items like coal basin not allowing items to be placed on top
Feb 14 23Buying houses now requires being leader of a guild to buy a guildhall, and facc restricted to houses with 1 bed.
Feb 14 23Special items like pacc scroll now require using twice in quick succession to avoid accidental use
Feb 14 23Adjusted spawn times for demon locations and black knight
Jan 15 23NPCs will now sell blank runes and fluid by the backpack.
Jan 15 23Website has been updated again, it should now display properly on mobile
Jan 15 23Reworked field items for 7.4. Player or monster created fields ontop of fields that do not expire
Jan 15 23Increased coconut drop rate from Demons considerably
Jan 15 23Fixed scarab coin digging action to be like real tibia
Jan 15 23Improved Drawbridge in Thais and Mintwallin to remove field and splashes
Jan 15 23When losing pacc, players town will now only be reset if they were a resident of a darashia, ankrahmun or port hope
Jan 15 23Calculators page now includes Berserk damage
Jan 15 23Added additional alternate sprite rotatable items
Jan 15 23Fixed Sprite Rotated Weapons not being able to be used to smash furniture.
Jan 15 23properly fixed secret agent tools to work as picks on smashable stones and walls
Jan 15 23Fixed monster summons despawn range from 3 floors to 2
Jan 15 23Added level 12 door to snake charmer area on rook
Jan 15 23Fixed level and quest doors not destroying field items when walking out of the door way north or west
Jan 15 23Using !sellhouse to trade a house deed will no longer reset the rent warning period if rent is almost due
Jan 15 23Fixed fish plural from fishs
Jan 15 23Fixed a bug with multi use items (like shovel and fishing rod) being able to be used faster than should be possible
Jan 15 23Houses list on website will now show wen the rent is due for any houses that currently have an owner.
Jan 15 23Character profile page on website will now create a link to the players house if they own a h ouse
Jan 15 23- Fixed Dwarven Armor and legs not providing physical percent absorb (Helmet works fine)
Jan 01 23Can now use Stuffed Dragon and Santa Doll to make them speak.
Jan 01 23All pharaohs now drop mini mummy.
Jan 01 23Gorn now sells Orange backpacks.
Jan 01 23Monster Trophies added to loot for Demons, Minotaurs, Wolf, Orc, Deer, Lion, Behemoth, Bonebeast, Cyclops and Dragon Lords
Dec 09 22Millino now correctly buys multiple helmets at once.
Dec 09 22Blind orc on rook now sells X arrows at a time, instead of 15 at a time.
Dec 07 22Fixed rare bug with unjust kill sometimes giving 2 frags to players who did dmg from the player AND summons for last hit.
Dec 07 22Fixed Monster AI for monsters that can push creatures/boxes not continuing to push items out of the way when in melee range and dancing around the player
Dec 07 22Fixed Monster AI not pushing boxes/blocking items/smaller monsters in the correct direction and/or destroying the box/smaller monsters
Dec 07 22Fixed items found in quest containers not dropping on the ground if you don't have space
Nov 22 22Fixed being able to carve pumpkins with a knife and make pumpkin lanterns with pumpkin head and a candle stick.
Nov 22 22Updated !shop talk action to collect items from shop. Requires free space and cap to collect items and will no longer be able to drop items to the ground.
Nov 22 22Reworked house prices so house price is reflection of rent prices
Nov 22 22Fixed being able to use items out of reachable house tiles the player is not invited to
Nov 22 22Fixed pacc to facc reset not resetting the players town as well, also applies to chars on rook.
Nov 22 22Fixed haste and strong haste duration
Nov 22 22Players can now urinate into empty fluid containers
Nov 22 22Fixed line of sight for some aoe runes.
Nov 16 22Fixed a bug where killing guild members wouldn't count as unjustified
Nov 16 22Fixed support spells like light, haste, antidote from applying to creatures in a stack
Nov 16 22Properly fixed furniture kit for round table and christmas treess
Nov 16 22Fixed a bug where death msg on corpse and website would show all monsters not just dmg dealers from last 60 seconds
Nov 16 22Fixed not being able to see players standing in house doors
Oct 22 22Fixed a bug where poison/energy/fire field runes should be shot onto blocking tiles
Oct 22 22Fixed a bug where players that get disconnected do not block respawn
Oct 22 22Fixed a bug where characters that X log with a target selected will never stop attacking
Oct 22 22Implemented original feature for when players lose their Premium Account status that will reset their home town and send them back to Thais
Oct 22 22Fixed house rent payment warnings not resetting on payment correctly.
Oct 08 22- Incorrectly using summon creature will now say creature does not exist instead of not possible.
Oct 08 22Regular map refreshing has been resumed.
Oct 08 22Fixed not being able to use destroy field on the smallest fire field fire
Oct 08 22Fixed various missing walls
Oct 08 22 Fixed special hidden tiles in Ankrahmun desert not being able to dig up scarab coins
Oct 08 22Fixed a bug where Zoltan was checking for level instead of magic level to sell spells.
Oct 08 22Fixed a bug with 2 doors side by side where the 2nd door on the right wouldn't push the player
Oct 08 22Mapping adjustments to fix incorrect swamp borders in various locations
Oct 08 22Shared EXP bonus adjusted to 5% per unique vocation in party.
Oct 08 22Fixed a bug with how fight mode was calculating shielding defense
Oct 08 22Implemented monster "training" mechanic from old tibia. Monsters will now advance their skills if they are attacking long enough. This applies to wild monsters AND player summons.
Oct 08 22Fixed bug where the player wouldn't move towards an item to rotate it
Oct 01 22Updated sale price of naginata to H.L.
Oct 01 22Added naginata to Assassin's loot table (Similar weapon loot to Wild Warrior's war hammeer)
Oct 01 22Small client update adding some new items/sprites. Updates should download automatically on launch. If you don't see an update prompt when opening the client, please redownload the latest client.
Oct 01 22- Fixed missing key from Draconia
Oct 01 22- Some mapping fixes around Draconia
Oct 01 22- Lowered Black Knight respawn time slightly.
Sep 22 22Server optimizations and fix for a rare race condition that would rarely cause server to crash.
Sep 22 22Fixed not being able to rope items up from the pitfall and holes that are found around port hope.
Sep 22 22Fixed issue with quest/level doors not pushing items out of the way correctly if blocked
Sep 22 22Made optimisations for OTC. Should now be able to use items while running
Sep 22 22Fixed player outfits resetting to default outfit when they still had premium and/or were not using a pacc outfit.
Sep 22 22Updated tile item limits - Tile item limits are 1000 items per tile and 100 items per house tile.
Sep 18 22Permanently banned accounts can now be found under the Statistics section
Sep 17 22Fixed not being able to rope items up jungle "earth hole" (The pitfalls in port hope area)
Sep 17 22Fixed poison field damage again (A recent update had stopped them from working, this has been corrected)
Sep 17 22Traps to no longer deal damage to players (This was a 7.2 feature that was added, but has been removed, traps will work the same with monsters)
Sep 17 22Fixed not being able to see House information when looking at doors if there was an item left in the doorway.
Sep 17 22Fixed the Pacc light spells bonus
Sep 17 22Fixed some walkable water tiles under the small boats and logs in port hope having a weird animation when using classic client due to the walk speed being incorrect. (graphical issuee only)
Sep 15 22Fixed Players with Yellow Skull not losing their yellow skull when the original white/red skull player they attacked loses their skull if another player or monster was keeping them pz locked.
Sep 15 22Monster AI Fix. Large monsters (ones that can push) will now retarget when being body blocked.
Sep 15 22Added Fire Sword to Dragon loot table.
Sep 15 22Fixed a pick hole in banshee quest not closing automatically when stepping on a certain tile location.
Sep 15 22Fixed fishing rods not putting caught fish in the correct location if the player was low on cap.
Sep 15 22Fixed poison fields and monsters that would willingly walk over them.
Mar 30 22Updating site design