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Character Information
Name Gimli
Vocation Elite Knight
Level 80
Sex Male
Residence Ab'Dendriel
Guild a Member of The Villains
House Mill Avenue 1 (Shop), Thais
Last Login May 27 2023 (00:31)
Status offline
Comment You really wanna PK me?

Watch this first and think again. Ok?
Created September 10 2022 (05:46)
Account Status Premium Account
October 25 2022 (10:07) Killed at level 64 by Balufo Visa (unjustified)
and by Ses Figueretes Ibz. (unjustified)
September 27 2022 (17:52) Killed at level 45 by an orc warrior. (soloed)
September 13 2022 (00:43) Killed at level 20 by Kay Lord (unjustified)
and by Nosacz Sundajski.
September 12 2022 (12:53) Killed at level 20 by field item
and by Lady Cipcia.

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