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Dec 13 2022

Happy Holidays

Nostalther wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Santa Claus is visiting all major cities (Kazordoon, Venore, Carlin, Ab'dendriel, Port Hope, Darashiam Thais, Edron and Ankrahmun), visit him and ask for a present! 

Santa also has some new goodies, so please be sure to restart and update your client to be sure you don't miss out!

Dec 01 2022

Winter Update 2022

More settlers have arrived on Rookgaard!
Some new settlers have setup Camp South west of the Temple. Several new houses, including a shop, have been built there. One of the campers has also brought their dog!

Millino and Claude have moved in. Millino can be found at the Settlement Camp on Rookgaard and is interested in buying any helmets you have, including the ones Obi doesn't want to buy! Claud has setup shop next to the banker Paulie and is selling furniture and decorations for your house.

Some additional secrets and mysteries to explore and discover have also been added around Rookgaard!

There have also been some additions to the Tibia mainland.
The dwarves of Kazordoon with their pet Rotworms have been busy digging and exploring. The mines have drastically expanded to the north, connecting up with the Sewers of Carlin. 

The dwarves have also accidently discovered and ancient dragon lair and have been careful not to disturb them. 

The Dragons occupying The Big Old One have also expanded their territory. Explorers beware!

Strange activity has also been detected around the Plains of Havoc.
Time will tell if this activity will cause problems for the inhabitants of the Tibia mainland...
The giant spider population also seems to have increased with this activity. 

Nov 24 2022

Client Updates

Hello everyone!

New additions have been added to the Shop! Tapestries coloured as countries national flags are now available Decorate your house and show your patriotism today!


Client updates have also been made for for both clients. Please ensure you restart your client and are receiving updates when re-opening the client. 

When opening the Classic Client or OTC, you should see a popup checking for updates.

If you are not receiving updates, the updates or failing or you the client is not checking for updates at all, please re-download the client from the downloads section. 

See you in game!
Oct 30 2022

Service Interuptions

Server updates October 30 from 5AM UTC Server Save

Hello All,

We would like to apologise for the recent service interruptions resulting in some data rollbacks the last few days.

All accounts have been granted an additional 5 days of premium time. 

We are treating these occurrences as high priority and doing everything we can to investigate the issue to ensure they are resolved and will not continue in the future.

I'd also like to thank everyone for their understanding and patience and want to ensure everyone that we will always be here and handling these incidents with utmost urgency.

We will continue thorough investigation and post further information as it becomes available. 

Thank you all for playing <3

Some belated news, the Grave of Goshnar area and teleport is now accessible. (POI DLs and POI Seals are not accessible)

Sep 18 2022

Love of Rookgaard

News for our Rookstayers!

Paulie has moved in under the Seymour's academy in the trading room. He will be able to change gold coins for you! With him he as also brought some depot containers. However, mailing to Rookgaard is still not possible.


NPCs on Rookgaard are also in need for a little extra money, so they have started renting out their own appartments! 12 Houses are now available on Rookgaard. 


There are also some other secrets to discover!


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